NAEC Successfully Delivered Project Support for CSOT Advanced-Generation Module

2018-04-04 NAEC Successfully Delivered Project Support for CSOT Advanced-Generation Module

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In a difficult competitive market circumstance, acquiring continuous trust from customers means that recognition of companies and brands, also means stronger market competitiveness. Establish a service system based on customer benefits can win the customer trust continuously.
Recently, the fourth cooperation between NAEC and China Electronics System Engineering No. 2 Construction Co.,Ltd (CESE2), to provide project support for Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (CSOT) advanced-generation module undertaken by CESE2 15th branch, was successfully delivered.

NAEC provides one set of 24inch cantilever type automatic welding station for this project. 

NAEC cantilever type automatic welding station is specialized for short pipe spool welding. It Includes automatic cantilever type welding machine, chunk type positioner, pipe support and guide rail, etc. It can move along the guide rail to the position of each suitable welded joint. It also has higher welding quality and welding efficiency. For example, the production efficiency can up to 165-187.5DI/shift for 24inch cantilever welding station, including preset time.

NAEC has established many collaborations with CESE2. We have provided project support for its HEFEI JIN DONGFANG project, CHENGDU PANDA ELECTRONIC project and SHANGHAI HUALI PURE WASTE WATER project. Powerful equipment capabilities and years of application experience have enabled CESE2 to achieve technological breakthroughs in the field of special pipe welding and made CESE2 reached the international advanced level.
NAEC believes in insisting on customer-based innovation and service is more worthy of being trusted by customers. 'Beyond customers’ expectation' is not only to be recognized in the competitive market, but also to meet the needs of customers and provide reliable guarantees of equipments and application technology.
CSOT advanced generation module project

CSOT advanced generation module project is mainly used for LCD TV display module, LCD display module and other final module products, with an investment of about 9.6 billion RMB and an area of 519,000 square meters. After the project is completed, it will become the supporting plant for the most advanced generation LCD panel G11 and G8.5 generation of CSOT and will also provide high-quality LCD module for the internal and external machine manufactures.

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