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Cam rotor pump product features
Aug 10, 2016

Pump: the use of Nano-composite rubber rotor, dry running, idling time 60 minutes, pump body durability and long life; drag resistance technology: self-priming height can be up to 9 meters, horizontal self priming up to 100 meters without draining tank pump. Adaptive integrated box effective elimination of pumping of gas-liquid (100 m) the air resistance and cavitation phenomena in the process, device of the pump at the same time have the pumps, compressors, gas and fluid functions.

Gas-liquid two-phase seal technology: domestic famous expert of mechanical seal specially designed mechanical seals, sealing surface structure is unique, lubrication full, no air resistance, convection cooling medium full, can effectively prevent the sealing surface dry grinding, high-temperature, cracking, failure, ensure that the pump function. No plug, through strong: ordinary plastic bags, woven bags, sand, mud, hair and other debris will not affect the pump used.

Integrated control system: the project uses the advanced embedded system development of intelligent control system, intelligent monitoring.

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