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Replace Diaphragm Metering Pump Recommendations
Aug 10, 2016

When you removed the old divide, often in trouble. How to remove the old diaphragm offers some additional recommendations.

• After the pump head loose, before removing the pump head, adjust the stroke length to 10% position. Can guarantee the magnetic axis is pressure enough, and keep it secured, so you can unscrew the diaphragm.

• Pulling the fluid end screw jacks off. Seize the liquid end anti-clockwise rotation. A little resistance, you can unscrew the diaphragm.

⒊ measurement of chemicals in the fluid end crystals, resulting in valve check valve ball and seat does not work.

• In the suction side of the pump may have a gas leak. Fluid end suction side connectors may be missing o-rings or loose connection of the inhalation valve.

3) using flow monitoring metering high viscosity medium, liquid flow fault signals are received in the process, how can solve this problem

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