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Unique Properties Of Metering Pumps
Aug 10, 2016

Measurement range: 0-400 l/h

Pressure range: 0-1.0 MPA

Drive: motor drive

Control mode: manual/automatic control (can receive 4-20mA signal to regulate the flow)

1, cast aluminium housing, high heat dissipation, the overall light weight for all kinds of acid and alkali chemicals, nontoxic and odorless.

2, the use of cam. No leaks on the whole, drug can be placed in tanks or pipelines.

3, medium pump head PVC, optional PTFE, and stainless steel.

4, high performance-price ratio, generally applicable, require very high pressure water treatment industries.

5, in the pump can be adjusted or stop flow can also be quantitative output.

6, the diaphragm is suppressed by multilayer composite structure, the first layer of ultra tough Teflon acid thin film, the second layer of EPDM elastomer, layer thickness to support the iron core, on the fourth floor with enhanced nylon fiber reinforced, fifth with EPDM elastomer full Pack shoes, can be used to enhance diaphragm service life.

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